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Tax Equalization and Review Commission
Hearing Schedule
Office Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time
Telephone 402-471-2842




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 Week 29 30 1 2 3 4 5

9:00a 13R 241 Zagozda v. Douglas Co.
10:00a 13R 201 Richards v Dodge Co.
12:30p 13R 306 Grosse v. Dodge Co.
1:30p 13R 194 Crowe v Dodge Co.
 Week 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

North Platte hearings
1:30p 13R 155 Treffer v. Sherman Co. (hearing in North Platte)
2:00p 13R 008 Snyder v. Dawson Co. (hearing in North Platte)
9:00a 13A 056 and 13A 057 Holman v. Cass Co. (hearing in Lincoln, NE)
12:30p 13C 219 Voelker v. Cass Co. (hearing in Lincoln, NE)
11:00a 13R 214 HBI, LLC v. Cass Co. (hearing in Lincoln, NE)
12:30p 13R 303 Villamonte v. Cass Co. (hearing in Lincoln, NE)
9:00a 14E 001 Liberty Christian Center v Douglas Co. (resumption of show cause)
 Week 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

11:00a 13R 302 Moser v. Sarpy Co.
12:30p 13R 045 Cox v. Sarpy Co.
1:30p 13R 027 Woolard v. Sarpy Co.
 Week 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

9:00a 11C 491 Hy Vee Food Store/Neilsen Rev. Liv Tr Eileen C v. Douglas Co
9:00a 11C 492 & 12C 360 Hy Vee Stores/ 10808 Fort St. Omaha, LLC v. Douglas Co.
9:00a 11C 493 Hy Vee Food Stores/ Applewood Station, LLC v. Douglas
9:00a 11C-489/12C-359 Hy Vee Stores D& D Foods v. Douglas Co
9:00a 11C-490/12C-358 Hy Vee Food Store/ D & D Distribution v. Douglas Co
9:00a 12C-361 8809 West Center Omaha, c/o Hy Vee v. Douglas Co
9:00a 11C 181 & 13C 043 Hy Vee Food Stores/Hy Vee, Inc. v. Sarpy Co
9:00a 11C 182, 12C 145 & 13C 044 Hy Vee Food Store/ Hy Vee, Inc v Sarpy Co
1:00p 12C 144 & 13C 045 Delta Plaza LLC/ Hy Vee, Inc v. Dodge Co
9:00a 13E 044 Iroquois Lodge 92 BPOE v Douglas Co.
9:00a 13R 056 & 13R 057 Wegner v Dodge Co.
11:00a 13R 047 Winkler v Dodge Co.
2:30p 13R 305 Claussen v. Dodge Co.
 Week 27 28 29 30 31 1 2

9:00a 12A 011 Penke v Sarpy Co.
10:00a 13A 019 Curtis v Sarpy Co.
1:30p 13C 252 Main St. Properties v Sarpy Co
9:00a 12R 311 Nelson v Douglas Co.
10:00a 12R 885 Egan v Douglas Co. (resumption hearing)
11:00a 12R 298 Golden v Douglas Co.
1:30p 12R 326 Pruess v. Douglas Co.
2:30p 12R 382 Barber v Douglas Co.
9:00a 12A 005 and 12R 024 Vesely v Saunders Co.
1:00p 12A-020 Knapp v. Sarpy Co.
9:00a 11C 648, 12C 641 & 13C 699 Minuteman Car Wash Omaha, LLC v. Douglas Co.
1:00p 11C 642, 12C 634 & 13C 694 Magnolia Omaha, LP v. Douglas County

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